Parental Rights vs DCFS

(Protecting Your Family Against the Onslaught of False Accusation, Wrongful Separation, Child-Pricing, and the Severity of Overaplied Power... Inform Yourself, Get Curious!




This is a project I started 5-6 months back, when my daughter was wrongfully 'placed' in my mothers care.  My studies listed here are incomplete, and right now I am busy researching other things more in my field of study than law. Someday tho, I intend to return, and finish what I started, to help other parents become aware of there rights and whats the be expected when dealing with DCFS. I must notate, this site was biased when composed, and will be updated accordingly, just not in a timely fashion. 


The system hasn't failed me yet ; My daughter was returned to me.

. But I would have had much less heartache, had I gone into thesituation knowing what i know now.


 My goal here at CURiOSiTY is to promote knowledge, Empower Families, and to help provide people with easy access towards making fully-informed decisions when interacting with Child Protective Services.

FACT: In 85% of all DCFS cases, one or more of our Inherit  rights are broken.

This denial of our Rights is a necessary tactic which protects our youth and allows our Child Protective Services to act fast and swiftly, for the safety of our children. CPS has positively affected thousands of our next generation.

In other cases, this becomes the method of inadvertantly breaking apart healthy nurturing familys, and effectively confusing the enevitable category of 'Wrongfull Accused'.


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- C. Hatch



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